Works in progress

Water Tower, Nagykőrös (Hungary)

Customer: Bácsvíz Zrt
Location: Nagykőrös


Ordered by Bácsvíz Zrt, the blasting of water area of the AK700 steel water tower in Nagykőrös to Sa 2 1/2 cleanliness degree with alpine technology and then making a potable water-based two component epoxy coating with airless technology.

Surface size: 685 m2
Date: 2017-02-03

Nitrogénművek, Reconstruction of ANL-CT3

Customer: Nitrogénművek Zrt
Location: Pétfürdő


At the premises of Nitrogénművek Zrt. in Pétfürdő, the reconstruction of the spray tower marked ANL and the cooling works marked CT3 are carried out by us in consortium as a consortium leader. We take part from the design and colligate the complete implementation with constant presence, considering the tight deadline and the size of the work.

It is about renovating one of the most interesting and greatest artwork of the country, which is a great challenge also for us.

Applied technology: Aqueous cleaning with 2,000 bar, application of 6 cm shotcrete, then after a leach with 500 bar, application of a 3-component watertight epoxy mortar layer on wich being applied a 2000 microns strong chemical resistance epoxy coating inside the artwork and outside there an elastic weather-resistant water-based coating.

Surface size: 19000 m2
Date: 2017-01-03

Algyő GLB

Customer: GLB Kft
Location: Jura Industrial Park, Algyő, Hungary


In Algyő, the steel blasting of hose ends, shackles, special flanges (for Contitech ContiFluid) delivered by GLB Kft and their coating and packaging in high quality (for deepwater use, only for export).

The delivery has been ongoing for 10 years with a leased site in the Jura Industrial Park for a smooth and continuous service. 3-4 persons permanently perform this task with high precision throughout the year.

Ca. 6000 m2 surface is treated annually.

Surface size: 6000 m2
Date: 2014-02-17