Technology – Ultra high pressure water cleaning

Equipments operating on a pressure range above 2000 bar can be classified into this category. However, the question is complex, as there are big differences between our own equipments, but not in their value. As the machine preparing 2800 bar pressure with a water flow of 17 liters per minute, is slightly larger than the one preparing pressure of 500 bar but with a water flow of 28 liters per minute. Overall, this complexity makes the water applicable almost everywhere and to all surfaces with excellent efficiency

Its great adventage compared with abrasive blasting is that this is a sparking safe operation, so it can also be used on areas where surface cleaning would be possible only with operational shutdown Nowadays the more and more important issue is environmental protection, so another great adventage arises in this area. There is no dust which becomes hazardous waste by mixing with pollutants. Last but not least, a network water tap is enough to it and the system is fully operational and fully mobile.

Our internal boiler washer equipment capable to produce 98°C of water is deployable and most efficient at very oily and greasy surfaces and in many other cases.

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