Technology – Industrial coating painting

When working with Alpin technique, at high altitudes, from split steel surfaces, standing on the Tisza floating barge, the only barrier above the water level can only be handled. We undertake „simple” brush and roller-applied paint job. There are special places, conditions, and not least materials that can only be applied with an industrial technique such as ceramic.

In addition, we undertake HVLP and airless spraying. With great expertise, especially for drinking water licensed interior coatings. The following is a brief description of what these two technologies cover. It is very important to pay attention to the wind outdoors if anything is in the vicinity, which is can not be covered. Therefore, in the Terminal 2A and B of Liszt Ferenc Airport, less than half of the 12 passenger bridges (only 5) were made with Airless technology, the other with roller. 

HVLP technology (High Volume Low Pressure)

HVLP material spraying technology compresses the amount of air to a greater extent, thus it sprays paint at a lower pressure than the simple, conventional spray. Thus a higher transmission efficiency can be achieved. The HVLP air cap sprays at 0.7 bar and thus achieves 65% efficiency.

Airless technology

In the Airless spraying technology, the materials are sprayed with a very high pressure of 30-450 bar. This can be achieved with a large size pump, which then enters the atmosphere through a very small nozzle. The spraying is of good quality and very little paint mist from. It is best used for high viscosity materials, large surfaces or high layer thickness specifications.

Its advantage are the incredible speed, the uniform beautiful surface and that the material sprayable without dilution. 

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