Technology – Blast cleaning

The wind-carrying sand particles have been abrading and forming the surface of our globe for millions of years.

However, only few people know that the technology inspired by nature was patented by Alfred Gutmann in 1893. This mode of surface cleaning is nowadays called open jet, or free jet blasting, by using quartz grains sand blast too.

The process has not changed for 120 years, but the technique is constantly being upgraded. In the development of blasting machines and pressurized air generating equipments, the prime importance are safety, health and environmental protection. An excellent example of this is the screw compressor with a chill dryer.

This blasting technology has been and will be applied for 25 years and for the next decades by Fémtiszta Kft, as only this technology - blast cleaning - can provide the highest level of purity and roughness, which is a precondition for protecting steel surfaces against long-term corrosion.

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