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    The 20 year old Fémtiszta Kft., as the successor of Gálfi and Partners Bt, is getting higher and higher both in recognition of the profession and their market position. Our daily work is characterized by quality work in the field of anti-corrosion and by mobility.
  • Technology
    • Blast cleaning
      This blasting technology has been and will be applied for 20 years and for the next decades by Fémtiszta Kft. as only this technology - blast cleaning - can provide the highest level of purity and roughness, which is a precondition for protecting steel surfaces against long-term corrosion.
    • Ultra High Pressure water cleaning
      Our internal boiler washer equipment capable to produce 98°C of water is deployable and most efficient at very oily and greasy surfaces and in many other cases.
    • Industrial coating, painting
      When working with Alpin technique, at high altitudes, from split steel surfaces, standing on the Tisza floating barge, the only barrier above the water level can only be handled. We undertake "simple" brush and roller-applied paint job. There are special places, conditions and last but not least materials that can only be applied with an industrial technique such as ceramic.
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