Hidra-Tech Kft

Customer: Hidra-Tech Kft
Location: Kecskemét


Wet sandblasting and painting of the jilip lifting structure

Surface size: 160 m2

Water Tower, Gyomaendrőd

Customer: Békésvíz
Location: Gyomaendrőd


Sandblasting of the water bodies of the triple-framed water tower in SA 2 1/2 quality, then corrosion-proof paint with airless technology with potable water-based material.

Surface size: 800 m2

Water Tower, Kunbaracs

Customer: Bácsvíz
Location: Kunbaracs


Ultra-high pressure water purification of the tower, followed by 3-layer corrosion protection paint, as well as sandblasting of the water surface and then coating it with a water-soluble substance by airless technology.

Surface size: 250 m2

Romania-Braila, Barge washing

Customer: STX Ship Repair
Location: Romania-Braila


Barge washing, presentation of high pressure washing technology

Surface size: 1300 m2

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