Railway bridge, MÁV, Csongrád

Customer: A-HÍD Zrt
Location: Csongrád, Tisza flood zone


Ultra-high pressure water cleaning, scaffolding and corrosion protection painting above the floodplain part Csongrádi railway bridge

Surface size: 6000 m2

Cleaning of Auchan store

Customer: Rozsda-Stop Kft
Location: Budaörs, Hungary


High-pressure water cleaning of the exterior facade of Auchan store in Budaörs, befor painting.

Surface size: 1050 m2

Water Tower, Nyírgyulaj

Customer: Szabadics Zrt
Location: Nyírgyulaj


Reconstruction of AK30 Water Tower in Nyírgyulaj, complete main contractor implementation. Inside and outside cleaning and painting of pipe stem, cleaning and painting of the water area with potable water-based material, complete mechanical reconstruction (KIS Kft) and scaffolding.

Surface size: 565 m2

Renovation of Concrete Silos

Customer: Tirus Zrt
Location: Kisújszállás, Márialaka (Hunagry)


Removal of degraded concrete on the side walls and floors of 3 concrete silos with high pressure (2000 bar) water cleaning.

Reconstruction of concrete, protection against lactic acid. Polishing and coating the floor with SIKA material system.

Surface size: 1000 m2

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