Blast cleaning

0.5 -2.5 mm diameter steel, sand, slag, corundum, etc. particles are accelerated to high speeds with 5-10 m3 per minute, 8 bar pressure air and shooted through a 8-10 mm diameter nozzle to the surface to be cleaned. These particles remove everything (rust, rolling mill scales, paint, tar, etc.) that is in their path by their huge collision energy.

Ultra High Pressure water cleaning

Surface preparation with high pressure water results in the most convenient receiving surface under cement-based concrete repair systems. High-pressure water tends to remove the low-strength badly adhering parts, removes adhesive impurities, effectively moisturizes and provides a sufficiently rough surface, reducing the concentration of soluble impurities in the concrete.

Industrial coating, painting

With our mobile grinder and painting systems, we undertake to develop up-to-date coating systems at several locations at the same time. An appropriately long life coating system is formed so as the material and technology are selected in accordance with expected uses, and during the professional workmanship the required quality is provided by means of operational controls.